Joe Donato is a multidisciplinary designer with a focus on mobile application design, responsive  web, and cross platform UX design. Hailing from the rainy city of Seattle he  has developed a number of mobile applications and websites for millions of users.

Seriously engaged in graphic design since 2000, he has won numerous awards for his work at Nike, Nintendo, AllRecipes  ,and Nordstrom . Joe designed and developed a number one app in the android marketplace T-mobile’s My Account app and also worked on T-Mobile’s new billing experience.  His projects for AllRecipes including Allrecipes Dinner Spinner, Your Kitchen Inspiration an iPad app, and Allrecipes TV  google tv app have surpassed over 30 million downloads. His graphic design work has received recognition from Teen Vogue, Forrst, Macomedia site of the day, and Smashing Magazine.   Lately, he has designed a family of apps for WEconnect on iOS, Android, and the web.   Joe currently works as a Senior Product Designer for WEconnect. 
Joe attended Pacific Northwest College of Art and majored in graphic design with a focus on web and multimedia. He was awarded Outstanding Student in Multimedia. In his spare time, Joe enjoys singing top 40 songs at divey karaoke bars, playing volleyball for a local sports team, watching HBO’s Silicon Valley , Game of Thrones, Mr. Robot, The View , and building armies in Clash of the Clans   Boom Beach, Walking War Robots, Overwatch , Hades.